Let's talk children's eyecare

The importance of early and regular eye examinations for children should not be underestimated. In the early years, vision helps them find out about the world around them, about their home, about you. Later, as they go through school, their eyesight lets them learn with 80% of what is taught in schools is presented visually. Being able to see clearly is therefore incredibly important in your child's overall development.

Testing before your son or daughter goes into full-time education means that any problems that they may have are identified early, setting them up for a happy and fulfilling school life. That's because not being able to see clearly can be confusing in a busy classroom.

Poor eyesight can cause learning and behavioural problems, which might be blamed on other things. This is especially true for young children, who may find it difficult to explain the difficulties they are having with their eyesight. They may not even be aware they have a problem at all.

The sooner that vision problems are detected, the better the outcome. Conditions such as squint and amblyopia (lazy eye) can be treated more effectively if they are picked up earlier. And the critical period for your child's eyesight development running up to age nine, this will make a huge difference to your child.

At Kearney & MacNally Opticians we are happy to test your child's eyes.

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Let's talk children's eye exams

Children get screened at school in approximately 2nd class. At this stage most children are aged around 8 years of age. We would recommend that you get your child's eyes checked sooner than this screening.

During a comprehensive eye exam, we check for:

  • Shortsightedness / Longsitedness
  • Amblyopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Strabismus

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Children's Glasses

The fitting of your child's specs is critical to ensure they have the intended effect on your child's vision. At Donal MacNally Opticians we will only dispense a frame that not only fits correctly but that is comfortable for your child. Children's frame must fit the soft bridge of your child's nose properly, also the length of the arms of the frame must be significantly shorter, we can advise what is best. Your child may be entitled to a HSE voucher towards the cost of the specs, our staff are only happy to help you apply for one.

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