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Spectacles are no longer just to provide you with clear vision, they are an accessory! At Kearney& MacNally Opticians in Nutgrove we have something to suit every style and budget in mind.

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Let's talk lenses

We advise you at the time of your eye exam and dispense what are the best lens options for you.

These may include:

Anti-reflective coating
An anti-reflective or anti-reflection coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of spectacle lenses to reduce reflections.

These are multifocal lenses that correct vision at different working distances, from reading distance to far distance. Unlike bifocals, they have a gradual change in prescription and don't have visible lines that separate the segments, so they look just the same as single vision lenses.

these lenses darken in UV light when outdoors and lighten indoors. They are ideal for someone who wears their glasses full time and doesn't want separate prescription sunglasses.

Polaroid lenses or sunglasses only allow one plane of light to enter the eye, which eliminates the glare, makes colours 'pop' and gives you clearer vision! They stay dark in all weather conditions and are ideal for driving, sports, outdoor activities and anyone who is sensitive to light.

these lenses have 2 prescription areas, one for distance and one for reading separated by a line/curve.

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We are proud of our ever growing wide range of sunglasses in store. You can avail of prescription/non prescription sunglasses all of which protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. We are sure to have a pair to suit your lifestyle & requirements.

Safety Specs

Your job and working conditions may require you to wear safety spectacles. At Kearney MacNally Opticians, we can provide your required prescription (single vision/bifocal/varifocal) with toughened lenses in specific frames/goggles to ensure your eyes get the necessary protection while you carry out your job. All our safety specs follow European Standards EN166 specifications.

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